Ford Probe Enters LeMons Race


Suggested Article - Erica Jacobs from Portland, Oregon, recently wrote: My son Alex is really into cars and trucks. One of his teachers ... had the kids do a fun project to get them back in the school mindset, and had them come up with a(n educational) project on a topic that they are interested in. ... We are putting together an outline of a project he chose on automobile history. I've been helping him out with his research online, and we really enjoyed your (Links) page. ... It had a lot of great information, and I know Alex also really enjoyed checking out your pictures of all the different cars you have on the page. ... Alex is always looking online and learning more about different cars, and he showed me this article he found on the early history of the automobile.

I thought it was a great article, and I think it is great that he is taking something that he loves learning about and translating that into an educational pursuit. ... Thanks again for the awesome page and help encouraging Alex interest in automobiles!  -- Erica Jacobs


​​Open for Business - James Goode wants everyone to know that his automotive shop is now open for business.  James had to close his business to take care of his wife, Ellen.  Ellen lost her battle with cancer February after several months of treatments.  James specializes in old cars and is looking forward to getting back to what he enjoys doing. 

James' shop is located at 586 County Road 309, Florence, Alabama 35634.  He can be reach at 256-766-8184 or 256-335-4426.



Muscle Shoals, Alabama

​​Shoals Mustangs

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