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The Ford Probe Race Team traveled to the NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans to participated in the 24 Hours LeMons "Cain't Get Bayou", April 7-8.  The team is made up of Ralph Stumpe, Bryan Hamilton and Frank Cavin who drove from Mobile. New to the team was Jeff Gilbert and John Mayfield.  Both Jeff and John are experienced in driving on road courses in fast cars so the team was well prepared.

Ford Probe Enters LeMons Race

Ford Probe Enters LeMons Race

Bryan reported that the track started out wet both mornings of the race but dried quickly during the day.  The team's '94 Probe finished 16th out of 42 cars and 6th in the "B" class cars.  On the 2.75 mile flat track with 16 turns the Probe reached over 100 mph and performed excellent.

The 24 Hours of LeMons is restricted to cars that were purchased for a total of $500 or less. The 1994 Ford Probe was purchased in April 2014.  Safety gear, helmets, racing seat, seat harness, tires, wheels, and pipe for the roll cage had to be purchased.  A roll cage was fabricated and installed in the car.  All the interior and the glass, except for the windshield, was removed and a cold air intake and an exhaust header was installed.  

Update: The Race Team participated in the LeMons race in Atlanta December 8th and 9th, finishing 52 out of 95.  They followed this by attending the Lemons Race at Barber Speedway on February 2nd and 3rd.  The car runs in the Class C division and ended up 44th out of 88, with a lot of damage to the car.  The judges actually sent the car to the pits toward the end of the race.

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